Alternative Energy Finance Corporation (AEFC) is the managing member and an investor of Alternative Energy Solar Fund #1 LLC. AEFC has been in business since 2010.  AEFC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABCO Energy, Inc., a public Company trading on OTC markets under the symbol “ABCE”.  AEFC provides funding for leases of photovoltaic systems and finances its own leases from its own cash.  The Company has developed and financed solar projects since the early stages after incorporation. We are a mission-based for-profit financier and developer whose goal is to create economic opportunity through the development of solar projects and services.

Alternative Energy Solar Fund #1, LLC (AESF) is and Arizona limited liability company that has been formed to match investor funds with solar financing project in the Southwest USA.

The focus of operations will be to develop or acquire solar projects for organizations that are unable to finance their solar projects from internal cash and or have no applications or use for the tax benefits that accrue to the owners of solar projects.