Our Team

This is your Alternative Energy Finance Development Team. These are the people who will know your project, answer your questions, and do everything possible to ensure you have an excellent experience with us.

Charles O’Dowd, President
The Managing Member’s principal

Mr. O’Dowd has eight years of experience in the sales and installation of solar products and has spent the past 40 years in a marketing and sales career in real estate and business brokerage. He is well known in the business community throughout Arizona.  From 1975 to 2003, Mr. O’Dowd worked in the real estate industry as a Broker (residential & commercial), Loan Originator, Sales Manager of a 100 person real estate office, Project Manager (6700 N. Oracle) and Land Developer.  From 2003 through 2009 Mr. O’Dowd was VP of Operations and Director of the Southern Arizona Small Business Association.  He has worked full time for ABCO Energy since 2009.  He is a Graduate of the University of Arizona (BS, Political Science) and served as a City of Tucson Police Officer.  He has previously worked for The Colorado College, Tucson Airport Authority Police, and the Arizona Air National Guard.  He has vast personal contacts in our market area and is director of sales and marketing for ABCO Energy, Inc. the parent company of AEFC.  

Patricia Blackman, Vice President of Sales

Patricia Blackman has extensive administration and sales experience.  She was a self-employed contractor in New Hampshire, where she won an award for great customer service. After moving to Arizona, Patricia worked as an Energy Conservation Consultant designing active ventilation systems using radiant barrier insulation and German made attic fans.  Patricia’s science background; a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences and a master’s degree in Hydrology, makes her an excellent fit for the Solar Industry. She has been with ABCO Solar for 5 years starting as a sales representative and promoted to Vice President of Sales. Patricia is NABCEP certified in PV Technical Sales.

David Shorey, Financial Consultant

Mr. Shorey has worked for the past 40 years in manufacturing, construction and the financial services management business during self-employment and management positions for various enterprises. Mr. Shorey is a Graduate of University of Oregon. Mr. Shorey has extensive experience with public and private companies for which has served in an executive position. 

Personal and responsive service

Everyone at Alternative Energy Finance Corporation will be thoroughly familiar with all off the projects in our portfolio, so anyone you contact can answer your questions without passing you off to someone else. When you’re an Alternative Energy Finance investor, you always work with the boss. The principals of the Company, including the President, are always happy to take your calls or answer your emails.

Alternative Energy Finance has the financial strength, discretionary tax equity and utility development experience to execute on the solar projects. We have a proven track record of performance working with other project developers, purchasing projects at various stages of the development cycle and taking them across the finish line. We have executed and delivered on projects with some of the best in class in the industry, beating out competition by demonstrating our solar specific experience and low cost of capital.

Alternative Energy Finance focuses its acquisition prospecting efforts on projects that have a high probability of success; ensuring the project meets financial underwriting thresholds, conducting project level due diligence and working with project owners and brokers/bankers throughout the country to ensure we are securing high quality projects. Alternative Energy Finance will spend significant time on the front end of the acquisition process screening projects to ensure time and resources are spent effectively.


AESF #1, LLC will use an outside financial and project feasibility consultant to assure our investors that each project is selected on its stand-alone merits and that the contractors used and projects selected meet the criteria for return on investment, financial feasibility and product application.  Each project will be subjected to independent review for fairness and potential for achievement of our financial objectives.  The independent review will be respected for all go or no go decisions for each project in order to achieve the highest possible investor returns available in the industry.

The consultant selected by our Board of Directors is as follows:

David Chittle, CPA, NED Enterprises Inc.

Mr. Chittle currently serves as a finance consultant in renewable energy industry and he has established a network of contacts within the energy efficiency and energy finance industries nationwide.  He has developed a pipeline of over $300 Million of solar and green projects since 2015 and has established strong connections with EPC’s, Developers and Energy Product and Services Sales Groups throughout the USA.

Mr. Chittle has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree University of Windsor and a Business Administration Diploma from St. Clair College.  His business and home are located in Castle Rock Colorado.